The mission of Care Corps is to recruit, train and mobilize teams to work with the local and national care givers. Our goal is  to help facilitate & conduct therapy, lead group sessions, develop support groups and train local leaders for their ongoing care-giving work. Many of the victims of war and violence are children so Care Corps prepares teams to lead Children’s Trauma Care Programs. Care Corps teams of young adults and professionals from faith organizations, non-profits and colleges are recruited and trained to serve in this program. The children’s program utilizes a curriculum that includes play therapy, art, music and both group and individual counseling for these traumatized children. The local care-givers work alongside our team of Care Corps trainers so they can learn how it can be an ongoing and sustainable service to their community. Care Corps comes alongside shattered people with proven care-giving and helps them begin to put their lives together after surviving the devastation of war, disaster and trauma.

Care Corps International is committed to helping heal children affected by trauma through following Jesus Christ’s example of practical compassionate care.  Children are particularly vulnerable to great emotional and psychological damage in crisis situations such as disaster, conflict, and violence. By facilitating healing and reconciliation Care Corps strives to provide a substantial witness of the incarnational love of Christ.

It is our hope that through addressing the emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of children affected by trauma Christ’s redemptive love be witnessed and received.  In this way children whose lives have been shattered and need spiritual, emotional, and psychological healing will receive the “cup of cold water” (Mt. 10:42) that comes through Jesus Christ our Lord.

 Care Corps International works at the invitation of local churches, mission and relief agencies to bring programs and training designed to facilitate restorative therapy to the hurting children of the world.  By combining basic trauma counseling with play and art therapy in the context of a safe and secure environment, our desire is to begin meeting the enormous needs of suffering children through practical and proven methods. Additionally, by following the principle given in II Timothy 2:2 we seek to train pastors, relief and mission workers, and lay-counselors to be better equipped servants of the Lord as they minister to hurting children.