Amazon HedgevilleThis faith-based book tells the story of four hedgehogs and their struggles. Harmoni deals with self-esteem. Henry struggles with anger. Homer is grieving. Hattie struggles with fear and worry. Each one learns how their Maker can help them with these struggles. The hedgehogs are also given other coping mechanisms they can use to help him or her.

At the end of each story there are different writing and drawing activities the reader can complete to help assist them in whatever struggle they may be facing. The book also includes tips for parents and caregivers to help the reader with the activities as needed.  The stories were authored by Catherine Witmer, Care Corps’ Director of Counseling, and were illustrated by Lori Gant.

These books are used in Care Corps Trauma Care Programs with children who have suffered physical and emotional trauma, whether in their homes, violent surroundings, or through war or disaster.

Every $10 donation will buy a book one of these children. Donate to the Hedgehogs of Hedgeville here.

The Hedgehogs of Hedgeville can be purchased for use in your home, classroom, or church here.