Care Corps is a resource mission responding to Jesus’ command given in the story to the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) answering the question “Who is my neighbor?” . . . and the answer was “the one who showed compassion . . . then Jesus said . . . Go and Do It.” This ministry of healing includes Presence, Practice, and Proclamation.image

Presence  Be there. Come alongside the victims. Listen. Restore trust and safety. Show the love of Jesus.

Practice  Train, equip and encourage those who are engaged in caring for the victims of violence . . . and of course, we have the words of hope that will help them reframe their lives with faith in Jesus Christ.

Proclamation  We are there because God has given us a heart of compassion and we have a message of hope, forgiveness, and healing in the name of Jesus. When lives are shattered we first come alongside with the presence of Jesus. When God heals a broken heart there is an openness to hear that God loves them and that they can know this God who cares and restores hope. Jesus becomes a reality in the context of that caring relationship.